What Types Of Services Are Available In Your Home Maintenance Package

Royalty Services Group makes property maintenance for Salt Lake City homeowners easier than ever thanks to our home maintenance package!

  • Replace Furnace Filter
  • Clean Ceiling Fans
  • Change Batteries in Smoke & CO2 Detectors
  • Clean HVAC System Ductwork and Furnace
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Clean Grill on Fresh Air Intake
  • Flush Water Heater Sediment, Checking for leaks
  • Clean garbage disposal
  • Soft Wash Windows & Siding
  • Clean Gutters & Add Leaf Guard
  • Repair or Seal Concrete Cracks
  • Patch Missing Concrete
  • Seal Leaks in Basement Walls
  • Remove Concrete Trip Hazards - Lift or Grind
  • Remove & Drain Hoses before winter
  • Clean A/C Condensor Coils
  • Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Clean Refrigerator & Freezer Coils
  • Pressure wash Deck or sidewalks
  • Misc Caulking
  • Fill large voids under concrete
  • Add Downspout Extension to get water away from the house
  • Junk Removal

Handyman Services & More To Make Home Care A Breeze

Royalty Services Group is proud to offer air duct cleaning services for Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Home maintenance has never been so easy, thanks to our extensive home maintenance package! Whether you need a filter changed or you need serious concrete repair, the pros at Royalty Services Group are ready to help you check a few boxes on your to-do list.

At Royalty Services Group we take pride in offering our customers a wide range of affordable, quality services to help them keep their homes in order. After all, your home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, so keeping it on track and your property values high makes sense in more ways than one.

Whether you need routine annual maintenance window washing or your furnace filter replaced or need us for a one-time job like a downspout extension, our highly-skilled technicians have the experience, knowledge, and best equipment to tackle any job on your list. We've designed our home maintenance package to make caring for your home quicker and easier than ever!

Got questions about our home maintenance package, or ready to schedule a service? No problem! Call us today at 385-206-6100, and let's get started!

Professional Pressure Washing For Your Exterior Surfaces

Professional pressure washing is a great investment if you're looking to preserve your concrete or keep your home looking as beautiful as the day you moved in.

House washing will quickly remove layers of unwanted grime to reveal your home's natural beauty. While services like sidewalk or driveway washing can remove dirt, weeds, graffiti, and deep set-in stains for a like-new finish that will increase your property values and keep your home looking the best on the block!

Royalty Services Group's home maintenance package is here to help make caring for your home a little easier.

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